About Art Attack Here.


For six and half years the artattackhere.com website served Allegheny Artistry which was an art co-op for local artists and artisans. Since then, that domain has become the website for Oviatt's Overall Arts featuring the art work of Joanne Oviatt, the wood art of Keith Oviatt, and the metal art of Brent Oviatt. The pictures and descriptions of their work on the website are just a taste of the work that they have to offer. More of their art can be seen at Keith and Joanne's workshop, studio, and gallery located at 366 Patti Lane, Pittsfield PA. It is open by appointment. If you are interested in purchasing art from the site or making an appointment, please call 814-563-4286 or email knjoviatt@verizon.net or art.attack_here@rocketmail.com .

Joanne specializes in paintings, sculpture and Gourds that can she transforms into sculpture. Sometimes, she gets inspiration from found objects like an old beat-up door or broken pieces of mirror.

Keith gets his inspiration from the wood that he sometimes harvests from their property in Pittsfield. He selects the grain configuration and color of different wood to showcase each of his projects. He makes ornamental things as well as functional pieces.

Brent gets his inspiration from car and machine parts. He has a collection of gears, bolts, crankshafts, old tools, spark plugs, spoons, lights, and many other metal objects that others may look at as Junk. However, he looks at it as a whimsical critter or a clever piece of home furnishing.


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